The PixelFlapjacks on Solana Blockchain are here!

PixelFlapjacks on Solana blockchain are 3,333 algorithmically generated NFTs incorporating 175 possible traits of varying rarity applied across 6 layers, giving you an even playing field to mint the most coveted Flapjacks!

If you’re looking to join the Flapjack Family, you’re in luck because they are actively recruiting members to join them on their mission to conquer space and discover new planets! The Initiative starts on the 27th of September when you will get the opportunity to mint one of the 3,333 unique PixelFlapjacks at

The gameplay is being implemented into a future project and more details will be unveiled when the time is right.

Drop Details: Monday, September 27, 2021, at 5pm UTC / 10am PST | Price: 1 SOL.

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